FINAL WEEK-Taqueria San Luis

The time has finally come, devoted Taco Tuesday fanatics. We have reached the end of our journey down Nolensville Road. After ten weeks of exploration, we have visited some of the most well known and established taco joints in Nashville, while having a ton of fun along the way! We decided it was only right to wrap up our adventure by visiting a spot that we had MULTIPLE taco fans suggest. Though Taqueria San Luis is located on Harding Place, rather than Nolensville, we knew it would make for the perfect finale. You can find Taqueria San Luis and their giant meat smoker right near the ramp onto I-24!

First impressions: Once again, any taco spot with a smoker is automatically going to peak our interest. We drove by San Luis a handful of times and always made a note that it would be our Taco Tuesday closer. There is not a physical truck to order from, but a walk up window with a steel counter drilled into the building. There was a line of hungry patrons watching enviously as other customers downed their tacos and tamales at the counter, including us.



  1. BBQ Taco
  2. Pollo (Chicken Taco)
  3. Pastor (Spicy Pork Taco)




HOLY SMOKES. Taqueria San Luis was the absolute right choice for our last taco stop. The smoker adds so much depth and richness to everything that they put out, and you can taste the love in every single bite. 

We approached the window to order our $1.35 tacos. The cashier asked about toppings, which we always look for, and assured us they would be out in just a few minutes. We strolled over to the steel counter to find two happy patrons eating some tamales. They informed us that they come to San Luis at LEAST once a week for the tamales alone, which made us question our taco decision. But we stuck to our usual tacos to keep a level playing field. Our tacos came out on little blue Dixie plates with limes and grilled onions. They also provided a house green sauce that gave the tacos a kick in the pants! 

Up first: chicken taco. We knew this chopped chicken was going to be tasty before we even tried it. Smoking chicken always gives it this level of flavor that you can’t replicate on a flat top. We took a bite…HEAVEN. Though the entire taco definitely needed the house sauce, the chicken itself was incredible. Juicy, smoky and spiced to perfection! The addition of grilled onions added a little bite and sweetness that cooled down the house sauce.

Next up we had the BBQ taco! It was also smoked and shared the same spices as the chicken, which we assume is put on all of the meat before being smoked. The meat itself was a little bit dry, but still pretty tasty!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, our last taco. Spicy pork! This spicy pork taco looked like it was going to be one of the messier ones, but we were ready for it! The pork was rubbed in the house spices, which honestly made it a little hard to differentiate actual flavor profiles between all of the tacos. But the smoked, chopped pork was still amazingly tasty, and worth the mess. 

Taqueria San Luis was definitely the perfect choice for our last rodeo. Though our weekly taco adventure has come to an end, be sure to keep an eye out for some special editions coming up in the near future! Thank you for reading, taco lovers!


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