We’ve been collecting gear and instruments for a LONG time. Our high standards include: 1. Does it sound awesome?  2. Does it inspire creativity? 3. Is it fun to play with?

2019 Tommy’s Tracks Equipment Inventory

Manley 16×2 Mic Mixer

B&W 801 Matrix III monitors, Bryston 4B amplifier Dangerous Monitor, MQ, Master and Convert-2, Prism AD-124 converter. Furman cue system

IZ RADAR 24, UA second generation Apollo (24 I/O) running ProTools 2019.5.0, Wavelab 9.5

Neumann M582H tube, Neumann KM56 tube. RCA 77dx ribbon, RCA 44 ribbon, (2) AKG 414EB, (2) AKG460EB, AKG D12, AKG D112, AT4030, AT4047, (2) Beyer M101NC, Beyer M160 ribbon, (3) Beyer M69NC, Electrovoice RE20, PL5, (5) Shure SM57, Shure SM58, various weird mics, (2) Countryman FET85 DI

Software UA Lexicon 224, Neumann 140 Plate, AKG BX20 Spring, various delays

(2) UREI 1176LN Comp, (2) Daking FET II Comp, Marshman GSSL Bus Comp/Limiter, Waves L2 Hardware limiter

External Microphone Preamps-
(2) API 512b, (2) API512c, AEA TRP/Ribbon PreAmp

Prism MEA-2, Dangerous BAX, (2) Empirical Labs Der-esser, (2) API 560, (2) API 560b, API 553

Vintage Keyboards
Hammond C3, Wurlitzer 200A electric piano, Stereo Rhodes 88 electric piano, Hohner D6 clavinet, Farfisa Combo Compact organ

Korg CX3 organ, Nord Electro, Elka – Star Wars organ

1974 Kawai G3 5’11’’ Grand Piano

And yes, we have accordions

Drums and Percussion-
1967 Ludwig Blue Sparkle kit, Sonar deep bass drum, various vintage snares and cymbals; huge arsenal of percussion instruments, including congas, djembes, etc.  Korg WaveDrum.

Leslie 145, Leslie Combo Preamp, MotionSound KBR-M, Ampeg BA112, Fender Vibro-Champ, Peavey Delta Blues, Ampeg Duo-Jet II, Marshman Studios 5w. tube head

(2) Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, E-H Big Muff, Q-Tron, Black Finger, Holy Grail; Morley volume pedal, Vox Crybaby Wah, Boss TR-2, GEQ7, TU-2, RC-3 looper, MXR Dynacomp

Avid Pro Tools 2019.5.0, Steinberg Wavelab 9.5, Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, Trilian and Stylus, Native Instruments Komplete 8


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