How do you choose a recording studio that best fits your music?

It is important to see beyond a studio rate card and look for ADDED VALUE, and our rates are valuable. What can a studio bring to your project that other studios can’t bring? At Tommy’s Tracks, besides our addiction to fat-sounding tracks, we strive to provide a TOTALLY CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT. We are all about vibe, because vibe directly affects the music that we make. We are Music City pros doing our best to help you make music that will stand the test of time.

Each project has its own unique requirements. We’ll sharpen our pencils and develop a budget that will get the results that we both want… great music! It is our privilege and responsibility to treat your music like it’s our own.

In Nashville, the most efficient way to go is DAY RATE, which is up to 10 hours. This includes setup, session, strike, and backups. Rest assured, we can record a lot of music in a day!

hula_contact_btnStudio with assistant – $450

Studio with first engineer – $600

Studio with engineer and Tommy producing – $900

We also have a HALF-DAY rate, perfect for song demos and VINTAGE KEYBOARDS overdubs. We’ve got all the classic organs, electric pianos, clavinets and more, ready to record. Check out our VINTAGE KEYS page for pics and samples of these classic instruments.

Call or email us today to get the conversation started.


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