TOMMY’S 5 T’S for Recording

TOMMY’S 5 T’S for Recording

They are: Tuning, Timing, Tempo, Tone, Taste

ONE – Play in tune. Have your tuner plugged in and check your tuning often. It is the mark of a session pro to always be in tune.

TWO – Play in time. Practice with a metronome or beats. Find the groove of the song being played and lock in. GROOVE is king.

THREE – Tempo. There is an optimal BPM for each vocalist and for the band’s interpretation of a song.  Discover what tempo is right for you.

FOUR – Tone. Strive to develop your own personal sound. Why rely on pre-sets or plug-ins when you can make sounds that are uniquely your own? Create a sound for your instrument that complements the tones that the other musicians are playing.

FIVE – Taste. Always listen to the singer and the other musicians and then find a “space” to play in that compliments the others. Simple parts that you can play with feeling ALWAYS work. Don’t be a show off. NEVER step on the vocalist.

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