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Tommy Wiggins, Owner of Tommy's Tracks, Nashville, Tennessee, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Music Production, Vintage Keyboards

Tommy Wiggins, Owner of Tommy’s Tracks, Nashville, Tennessee

Tommy Wiggins (Proprietor, Inspirer) lives for creativity, collaboration and community. He’s on Earth to make music and help others make theirs. The two recording schools that he founded and directed have trained over two thousand musicians how to record their own music. The 400+ cable TV programs that Tommy has hosted (earning 5 Emmys ®) have showcased hundreds of bands and songwriters performing original music. Tommy is always writing, recording and performing his music, as a solo artist, with the Americana vocal duo “Wiggins and Haack” and with his Baja band “Los Hombres Del Norte.”

  • Fall Mastering Special Master your songs at our already low $75 per song (for CD, Digital or Vinyl). Get a second a second format master (for CD, Digital or vinyl) for just $10 per song. Special ends Oct. 31.
  • Attention Singer-Songwriters! Below Tommy Wiggins welcomes singers and songwriters. Watch singer songwriter Amy Peters’ experience at Tommy’s Tracks at the bottom of the page. You sing. The band plays. We make an awesome record together and you share it to the world!
  • Tommy’s Tracks Talks The Raven Happy Friday! Here is the video you all have been waiting for. Answering some questions we received about the Raven! We want to give a shout out to Vintage King and Slate Digital for making this possible. #TommysTracks #Protools #Raven #Slate #SlateDigital #VintageKings #Audio #RecordingStudio #Nashville #StudioLife   Please Like and Share. 
  • TOMMY’S 5 T’S for Recording TOMMY’S 5 T’S for Recording They are: Tuning, Timing, Tempo, Tone, Taste ONE – Play in tune. Have your tuner plugged in and check your tuning often. It is the mark of a session pro to always be in tune. TWO – Play in time. Practice with a metronome or beats. Find the groove of the song being played and lock in. GROOVE is king. THREE – Tempo. There is an optimal BPM for each vocalist and for the ...

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